The secret of our coffee is a mountain of flavor!

CooperRita coffee grown in the mountains of southern Minas

Founded in 1957, the Cooperativa Regional Agropecuaria de Santa Rita do Sapucaí- CooperRita, is a cooperative of coffee and milk producers, one of the most important cooperatives in Minas Gerais, state located in the southeast of Brazil.

Employing over 300 people and with 1,000 members, the cooperative commercialize milk, coffee and dairy industry (dulce de leche, Brazilian cream cheese, yogurt and butter) and animal food production. Additionally, CooperRita has 11 agricultural shops and technical assistance offered to the rural producers.  

Based in the city of Santa Rita do Sapucaí, southern Minas Gerais, CooperRita is located in the region known for being perfect for growing specialty coffee in Brazil.

Being part of the “Mantiqueira de Minas” area, with Geographical Protected and Coffee Origin Indication, it ensures that the beans harvested by the members come from a demarcated area, and surrounded by mountains and valleys, and at altitudes that range from 900 meters (2,952 feet) to 1,450 meters (4,757 feet).

CooperRita coffee beans grown in the mountains of Mantiqueira

However, it’s not only the location that benefits the coffee from CooperRita, but also the tradition and the knowledge of producing specialty coffee.

Our coffees have intense aromas, very sweet flavor, creamy and long body, high and citric acidity and a pleasant aftertaste. Honey, caramel, chocolate and floral are the most common flavors and aromas in our mountain coffees.

The true taste of coffee begins in its quality and its history, where coffee growing is transmitted across generations and each bean is carefully cultivated and selected with love, dedication and respect for nature.

This is the story of CooperRita coffee.

Enjoy and awaken your senses!

CooperRita coffee beans with the true flavor of the South of Minas

CooperRita member's coffee farm

Green Coffee

CooperRita team gathered with the result of a coffee harvest

Considering the Green Coffee Beans production and commercialization, CooperRita offers: 

  • Warehouses with a capacity of up to 12,000 tons of Coffee;
  • UTZ/Rain Forest certified warehouses;
  • Complete structure to prepare the Coffee beans in the standards required by the buyer;
  • Different types of packing, such as jute bags, kraft paper with Grain Pro protection inside (mainly for Specialty Coffee), 30kg or 60kg of weight;
  • Able to deliver anywhere in Brazil and abroad;
  • Certified Coffee under the standards: Certifica Minas, UTZ/ Rain Forest and Fairtrade;
  • Protected Coffee Geographical Indication and Origin: Mantiqueira de Minas;
  • Fully trained and qualified Q-Grader team.

For more information: +55 (35) 99978-8028

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